26 July 2004

Telecom is to retire its low speed JetStream Starter product, as broadband-hungry customers move to faster and cheaper JetStream plans.

Popularity of the 128kbs Starter Plan has declined steadily since March when Telecom launched its JetStream Surf plans offering 256kb/s speed and increased usage caps.

Priced from $39.95* the Xtra JetStream Surf plans have been very popular with customers and many have moved to the new plans from JetStream Starter.

The more expensive low speed Starter plan has become an outdated option for customers, and will be phased out over the next 5 months.

Telecom’s Head of Broadband and Internet, Chris Thompson, said JetStream Starter’s share of the total customer base has more than halved since the launch of the 256kbs Surf plans earlier this year.

“Customers will naturally go for the faster speed at the better price” said Mr Thompson. “When we first announced the JetStream Surf plans we always knew that JetStream Starter’s days were numbered”.

“With 256kbs and flat rate plans now so affordable there is little point in continuing with the slower product” said Thompson.

JetStream Starter will not be available for sale after 30 September, and the service will be closed off at the end of this year.

Over the next three months, Xtra JetStream Starter customers who have not already changed to an Xtra JetStream Surf plan will be contacted and given information about the Surf plan that suits their monthly usage requirements.

Customers who access JetStream Starter through another Internet Service Provider (ISP) will also be encouraged onto plans that better suit their requirements.

* Price for Xtra JetStream customers who have Telecom Home Line and Calling.