16 September 2004

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Broadband fast Internet in Northland will be more accessible than ever as Telecom’s broadband rollout accelerates this year.

Telecom has reached agreement with Venture Northland Charitable Trust (VNCT), as part of Project PROBE, to extend broadband coverage in the Northland region.

Using a combination of wired and wireless broadband technology Telecom will extend coverage from 50% to 94% of schools by the end of March 2005 (see attached list), Telecom Area Sales Manager Cameron Bell said.

This will increase Telecom’s overall broadband coverage in Northland from 77% to 94% percent of lines.

Working with Communities

Telecom is also developing a programme with the regional broadband committees.

The committees and Telecom are developing charters which will focus on economic, social and community development needs. This could include extending broadband into "gap" areas, fibre extension and community pilots of broadband applications for small businesses.

Xtra Wireless

Telecom is also able to reduce the price of Xtra Wireless 1000 and 2000 plans for customers in Telecom PROBE regions.

“Project PROBE in supporting the cost of extending broadband infrastructure to remote communities, is also ensuring people living in those communities pay a similar price for these services as those in urban centres,” Cameron Bell said.

The monthly plan charges for the Xtra Wireless plans will be reduced by $50 and the cost of installation and equipment will be halved from $1,475 to $731.25 (including GST)

Monthly plan charges for Xtra Wireless 1000 and 2000, including GST, will cost $59.95 and $69.95 (incl GST) a month respectively, compared to the standard price of $109.95 and $119.95 a month. Megabytes used in excess of the plan allowances of 1000 and 2000 MBs will cost 20 cents a MB.

The Government grant will enable Telecom to provide reduced prices to these Xtra Wireless customers for up to three years or until customer numbers reach a cap agreed for each region.

Xtra Wireless is provided via Broadcast Communications Limited’s (BCL) wireless network while JetStream is provided over Telecom’s existing network.

Network upgrades will reach the following Northland schools by the end of March 2005. If a school is not on this list then it should be assumed that it already has coverage.

Ahipara School
Herekino School
Kaingaroa School (Kaitaia)
Karetu School
Kohukohu School
Maromaku School
Matauri Bay School
Moerewa School
Motatau School
Ngataki School
Ohaeawai School
Omanaia School
Opononi Area School
Orauta School
Oromahoe School
Oruaiti School
Otiria School
Pakaraka School
Pamapuria School
Paparore School
Peria School
Pukenui School (Kaitaia)
Pukepoto School
Springbank School
Tautoro School
Te Hapua School
Te Kao School
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Taumarere
Te Kura O Awarua
Te Kura O Hata Maria (Pawarenga)
Te Kura O Hato Hohepa Te Kamura
Te Kura O Matawaia
Te Tii School
Totara North School
Towai School
Umawera School
Waiharara School
Waikare School
Waima School
Waimate North Christian School
Glenbervie School
Hukerenui School Years 1-8
Kaurihohore School
Kokopu School
Mangakahia Area School
Maungakaramea School
Maungatapere School
One Tree Point School
Otaika School
Pakotai School
Poroti School
Portland School
Purua School
Ruakaka School
Tauraroa Area School
Te Horo School (Whangarei)
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Rawhiti Roa
Tikipunga High School
Tikipunga Primary School
Waiotira School
Whangarei Adventist Christian School
Arapohue School
Kaihu Valley School
Matakohe School
Pouto School
Taipuha School
Tangiteroria School
Tangowahine School
Te Kopuru School

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