29 August 2005

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New Zealand Internet users now have access to simpler all-in-one protection against the variety of known online security threats.

The Xtra Security Suite launched today provides comprehensive protection against worms, viruses, spyware and hackers that can invade computers from the Internet. It also has options to make Internet surfing safer for children.

Head of Xtra Chris Thompson said the Xtra Security Suite brings together a range of tools needed for safer Internet use, and is the first such product to be delivered by a New Zealand Internet provider.

“The large number of New Zealand home and business PCs which are still unprotected despite the increasing variety of threats and attacks shows that customers need a simpler way to stay protected.”

The number of online security threats that can attack home computers now exceeds 100,000 (1), according to leading security firm McAfee.

These threats can damage or destroy PCs and their contents, obtain credit card details and other information, or hijack an Internet connection or phone line.

Research indicates that while 62 percent of New Zealanders have had their computers hit by a virus (2), around 50 percent of home PC users are inadequately protected from the variety of online threats (3).

The Xtra Security Suite, which is powered by McAfee, is easy to download and use and automatically update for ongoing protection against the latest security threats. It includes anti-virus protection, a personal firewall and detection and removal of adware and spyware.

Parents can also use controls and filters to shield children from offensive content and inappropriate chat room content.

Mr Thompson says Xtra’s research suggests that Internet users can find it confusing or time consuming to keep up-to-date with the steps necessary for secure and safer surfing.

“We want New Zealanders to be able to enjoy going online with greater safety, at an affordable monthly price.

“It’s never been more important for households and businesses to protect their PCs, personal items, and their families from the security threats and risks online — and to keep their protection up-to-date.

“Worms, viruses and other Internet threats continue to multiply and evolve into more sophisticated forms, as does the unsuitable content that children can stumble upon as they explore the Internet.

“The Xtra Security Suite is an affordable and simple defence supplied by a safe and reliable Internet provider. When combined with Xtra’s email anti-virus and anti-spam protection, it provides comprehensive protection against known security threats.”

The Xtra Security Suite costs $7.95 a month for each single licence and can be downloaded at . It is only available by download, and using an Xtra email address.

1 McAfee, 2004
2 Department of State Services Survey, 2004
3 McAfee, 2004


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