30 November 2006

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From 1 January 2007 many Boost and Telecom Mobile customers will be able to text twice as much for no extra cost.

Changes to two of Telecom’s texting plans will allow users of Telecom’s Mega TXT and Boost Monsta Plan to now send up to 2000 texts per month on-network for no more than $10 – twice as many as previously provided. Texts over 2000 cost just 10c, and there is no minimum monthly spend.

Telecom General Manager of Consumer Marketing Kevin Bowler believes the increase in texts will be popular over summer and reinforces Telecom’s leadership in the market.

“For heavy texters the Boost Monsta Plan and Telecom Mega TXT are now by far the best overall plans when most of your text friends are on Telecom or Boost - as most heavy texters are now.”

“We are also confident that Telecom’s $10 TXT plan is the best in market for customers wishing to text across all networks,” Mr Bowler says.

In addition to attractive text pricing Mr Bowler believes the flexibility of Telecom’s prepaid plans appeals to customers.

“On $10TXT and Boost Monsta Plan customers don’t have any minimum cost per month and their prepaid balance is always safe in that we don’t take it away if they choose not to top up again for a few months,” he said.

Also to change is the cost of International texting for prepaid customers. Texting to international mobiles will increase from 20c per text to 30c per text from 1 January 2007.

This price increase doesn’t affect customers on postpaid or subscription plans and reflects the cost of offering international texting compared with domestic texting.

Telecom mobiles can text to over 200 countries. To see a list go to

How does it work?

Boost’s Monsta Plan for prepaid customers and Telecom’s 027 Mega TXT for mobile plan customers:

From 1 January 2007 customers will be able to send 2000 person to person TXTs each month to any text capable Telecom/Boost mobile for no more than $10.

The first 50 texts sent each month to Telecom mobiles are still charged at 20c a text. The next 1950 texts sent to Telecom mobiles will be free.

TXTs sent beyond the 2000 cap on-network will change to 10c per text. All texts to 021/029 are 20c.

International Text Price increase

From 1 January 2007 International TXTs will be billed at 30c per TXT for Prepaid Telecom customers. This price change comes almost a year after Vodafone, raised the price of their prepaid texts overseas to 30c.

For further information on the above go to or contact:

Rebecca Earl
PR Advisor – Mobile
Ph: 0274 377 517

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