10 November 2010

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Telecom has today announced new data pricing available for XT customers who roam to Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The new pricing gives customers 100 megabytes (MB) of mobile data for $100 while roaming overseas in these locations that’s the equivalent of $1/MB.

Customers will be charged $8.00/MB for the first 12.5MB and a remaining 87.5MB worth of data for the rest of their billing month will be free.

Telecom’s Head of Mobile Roaming, Niki Chave says, “This means our customers get the equivalent of $800 (in Australia) and $1000 (in the US and UK) worth of data for only $100.”

The new pricing is available to all XT customers, both prepaid and postpaid and will be applied automatically to their bill without them having to do anything to activate it before they leave New Zealand.

“This will not only make it more affordable to use data while roaming but also give our customers more clarity around the cost of data use before they travel,” says Ms Chave.

The data pricing covers all types of mobile data usage, on all devices and across all networks in our three most popular roaming destinations, Australia, the US and the UK.

Telecom will look to add additional destinations to the plan at a later date.

“When travelling overseas the majority of our customers, more than 88%, roam to Australia, the US and the UK so we have started by introducing new pricing to the most popular travel destinations first, with more to follow later,” says Ms Chave.

“We think 100MB is a good amount of data for our customers to not feel too restricted when using mobile data abroad and we are excited to give them more freedom to be able to stay in touch while travelling,” says Ms Chave.

100MB is equivalent to approximately 1000 text based emails or 2000 m.facebook pages. Any usage over the 100MB total will be charged at an overage rate of $8.00 per MB.

More information on the new pricing can be found at www.telecomroaming.co.nz.

*The data quantity examples are estimates only based on billed activity for Internet use browsing mobile web pages on a mobile. Browsing was based on the following average amounts: m.facebook page 9.7Kb, m.gmail text only email 18.9Kb. Actual data amounts transferred will vary.


For further information please contact:
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Media Relations Consultant
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